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We sell vinyl flat trim in 2 different widths. We have 1 3/4" wide vinyl flat trim and 2 1/2" wide vinyl flat trim. The vinyl trim has grooves every 1/4" so you can reduce the 2 1/2" flat trim to 2 1/4" or 2". The 1 3/4" vinyl trim can be reduced to 1 1/2", 1 1/4", or 1". It is also available in either interior or exterior grade. The exterior grade trim has a higher percentage of UV inhibitors. Both the interior and exterior grade trim has a guarantee against fading. We have been selling this product since 2004 and have never had a return. The pictures below show a single pane aluminum window being replaced with a Ply Gem vinyl retrofit window in Southern California. You can see the flat trim being applied in the last picture. It is the final step in the retrofit process.

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If you are replacing wood windows with a vinyl replacement pocket window, and you want to cover the exterior wood trim with vinyl to have an all vinyl look, we sell vinyl window sill covers and end caps as well as vinyl angle trim in several sizes. The vinyl window sill cover and end caps will cover and protect your wood window sill, and the vinyl angle trim will cover the surrounding wood molding on both sides and across the top. The pictures below show the process of covering the window sill and surrounding wood trim. You can watch the window sill wrapping installation process on my YouTube channel. The vinyl angle trim installation can be seen by Clicking here.

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In addition to the various vinyl trim products that I sell, I also sell vinyl window and sliding glass door Installation DVDs.You can read customer testimonials from some of the many homeowners who have installed vinyl windows and sliding doors in their homes by themselves and saved hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of dollars. If you live in the state of California and would like to get a quote to purchase Ply Gem vinyl windows and doors and have them shipped directly to your jobsite, just fill out the Quote request form.