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"I found the videos extremely helpful. I now have the ability to install my own windows". D. M.- Columbia, TN.

"Your video was insightful and provides me with information I can refer back to again and again." G.T. - Kettering, OH.

"Your video was perfect! I am on the East Coast, and I just went to my local hardware store and purchased my 11 replacement windows and installed them myself. The video is highly recommended and really got me going on replacing windows." D.M. - Crownsville, MD.

"After viewing your window installation video, replacing the windows in my 1930 Colonial was easy! From measuring to insulating to final installation, the video gave me both the confidence and the knowledge to tackle the project myself. Not only did I save thousands of dollars in installation costs last summer, but the new windows have really cut down on my heating costs this winter." J.S.- Melrose, MA.

"After watching the windows replacement video, I was able to replace several windows in my home and my parent's home. The video was easy to follow, straight forward, and made the installation job very easy. Several of my friends wanted to borrow the video, but I told them to get their own. Thanks, from a satisfied customer." J.B.- Detroit, MI.

"I found that the videos explained the concept and procedures thoroughly, in ways that are easy to understand. I would call myself a below average handy man who had absolutely no prior experience with doing windows or doors. With the videos, I am very pleased to end up having 12 windows and 4 doors replaced. Our estimated cost to do just the doors was close to 8,000 Canadian dollars. I managed to have the doors and the windows done for less than that amount. To say I am happy with the videos is perhaps a bit of an understatement. P.C.- Toronto, Canada

"The video not only gave me the confidence to install my own windows, it also helped me to understand how to repair an old double hung window for a friend of mine. Thanks for your help." J.W.- Redford, MI.

"Your video was very instructional, and will help me in the remodel of my home. I appreciate what you have done to help those who did not have the know-how. Thank you again." N.E.- Beaufort, SC.

"I am very happy to have found your website. I purchased your video, but I had a rare type of installation situation. You took the time to go over it with me on the phone. It would have been frustrating without your video and your support." B. C.- Ventura, CA.

"The video was very helpful. I now have the knowledge and confidence to install my windows myself". H. A.- Norwood, PA.

"The installation videos gave me the confidence to replace my own windows and doors. They were easy to follow and very detailed." M. C.- Campbell, CA.

"Your video is both informative and aimed exactly at a customer who is trying to understand the magnitude of the task of replacing windows. It provided a step by step tutorial, which made me very comfortable in attempting the upgrade." C. M.- San Jose, CA.

"I watched the DVD's, and they gave me the confidence to replace the windows myself. I replaced 8 windows and an 8' sliding door. The Ply Gem windows are excellent quality and I think are the best looking ones in the neighborhood. It is a simple process after watching your instructions." L. O.-Fremont, CA.

"A note to tell you how pleased I am with your Vinyl Windows and Doors DVDs. The step by step process that you cover in the videos are an easy to follow instruction guide that the average homeowner can follow. What makes your videos stand out from the rest is that you provide excellent feedback to your customers and can help us understand complicated issues that may occur." P. G.- Oceanside, CA.

"I wanted to let you know I installed the windows today without a hitch. It couldn't have gone any smoother. The video instruction was right on. (Best money I ever invested). I wish I would have found your website sooner before we had to deal with the high pressure sales people. We got the highest quality windows on the market for less than half the installation price of an inferior product. We are planning a trip to New Zealand with the savings!" J. S.- Pomona, CA.

"John, Thanks for the great service. Your video made installing my windows easy. Not only were the windows great, I'm getting compliments on them from my neighbors who paid three times more than I did. Thanks for all your help." R. G.- Hayward, CA.

"If you're planning on installing windows, don't even think about it until you've seen this video. John Rocco shows you every step, in a simple straight forward way, that anyone can understand. There is simply nothing left to guess work, worth every penny and more!" D.C.- Rodeo, CA.

"John, The windows look GREAT. The information on your video gave me the ability to complete the job without ANY problems. I will have to dig up some before pictures for you to compare to. I will send you pictures within the next few days." G.M.- La Mirada, CA.

"I found the dvd easy to follow, easy to understand, especially for the novice. The ability to watch it over and over really helps." J.S. - Lynnfield, MA.

"John, thank you for a great experience! From your down to earth video, to your personalized help, I was able to upgrade my home without a hitch. Your system proves that even with no construction experience, anyone can install their own windows like a pro. Thanks so much!" D.S. - Modesto, CA.

"The video was so helpful, I am now ready to install my windows myself." S.P. - Cincinnati, OH.

" I learned a lot from your instructional DVD. So much so, that I'm going to install the windows myself instead of hiring a local contractor." B.B. - Chatham, NJ.

"I'm very happy with the Ply Gem Vinyl Windows. The installation was straight forward, and the insight gained from the DVD gave me the knowledge to proceed with confidence. Thanks a lot." R.G. -Hemet, CA.

"I was able to finish the project of installing 7 windows in my home by using the techniques and helpful hints in the VINYL WINDOWS MADE EASY Video. John explained it in simple terms that I think anybody could do themselves after watching the video. If you are thinking about replacing old windows with the Vinyl dual pane windows and want to save a lot of money in labor, you definitely must buy the video first" H.S. - Orange, CA.

"Your video helped me install my own windows. In fact, I don't think I could have done the job without your help. Thanks, not only for the great video, but for taking the time to talk to me on the phone answering my questions." R.B. - Cincinnati, OH.

" John's concise and easy to understand video on replacing your own windows shows you how to do it step by step. When I had specific questions, John always sent an e-mail reply within 24 hrs. I even ordered my windows through John and Ply Gem delivered them to my doorstep! I still find it hard to believe that I replaced my own windows, even doing a better job than some professionals, for less than half of the lowest quote I received from window replacement contractors." C.L. - Sacramento, CA.

I purchased your How To Videos for Installing Sliding Glass Doors and Double Hung Windows. While I am a big do it yourselfer, I have never installed windows or slider doors. Not only did your video give me the know how and confidence to install 19 double hung windows and a sliding glass door, but I was able to save approximately $6000 - $7000 not having to hire someone else, and I know everything is installed properly. The videos were very easy to understand. During the installation of my windows, I told my wife I can't believe people actually pay others to do this, it was that easy. I had a couple of questions and you responded to both my specific questions with a personal phone call and also responded to my quote within 24 hours. I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart." M.T. - Elk Grove Village, IL.

"The measuring instructions were especially helpful for ordering correctly. The installation instruction thereafter made the entire job turn out quite professional." R.H. - Orcutt, CA.

"The video was great and, without any experience, I was able to install my windows with almost no problems. Your help and support were excellent all along the way. Thanks!" T.S. - Tarzana, CA.

"The video was very informative, and the phone consultation when I had a question regarding my particular type of window went the extra mile!! An investment that more than paid for itself in savings." J.W. - Lafayette, LA.

"I found the video really helpful. If you are a "do it yourself" type person, and you plan on installing replacement windows, I recommend this video." L.A. - Bishop, CA.

"Your instructional videos and willingness to provide personal assistance on how to install replacement windows saved me thousands of dollars and enabled me to improve the quality and value of my property. The new windows look great and are very smooth and easy to operate. The whole process was very easy and I would recommend your products and service to anyone interested in installing replacement windows." L.A. - Santa Cruz, CA.

"A good video, and the step by step instructions were very good. I would recommend it to anyone installing retrofit windows. " M.M. - Newcastle, CA.

"The DVD was great! I had already made up my mind to replace my windows. I had done my homework, and had watched "Professional Installers". When a couple of my friends, who had paid dearly for installed replacement windows, had leaks, I decided to look for more information. I ordered John's DVD. My installation was a little different than covered in the video, and John was right there with the answers. The video gave me the confidence, John's professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to instruct, made the installation come out like I was a pro! Best money I have spent in a long time." R.H. - Simi Valley, CA.

"I put the windows (all 13) in this last weekend...WOW what an easy job. Just like the DVD !!! I was a little apprehensive before I started, thinking nothing ever goes like the plan or the "video" instructions. But was I surprised. I could not believe how easy it was. I took my time on the first one, and after I figured out the necessary tools I needed to take the windows out and put back in, it went like a breeze. The first window took about 45 min. Then the rest took about 15 min average." M.S. - Belmont, CA.

"Thanks John for making the great video. I installed the windows and didn't have one problem. Not bad for the first time." R.B. - Detroit, MI.

"I just want to thank you for the video on installing windows. It makes the installation of the windows easy. I recommend the video to anyone. With your video, it's easy for a person to measure, purchase, and install a better quality window themselves." R.Y. - Hercules, CA.

"I used the information from your video to install my first window. You also had some information on your website that helped me to remove an old casement window. After watching your video, replacing the old casement window was a snap. Thanks!" G.G. - Carmichael, CA.

"I would like to thank you for your instructional dvd's. Very, Very helpful. Installed 3 windows and a sliding glass patio door after watching your dvd's. The best money I ever spent." R.B. - Los Angeles, CA.

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new windows. We had never considered installing our own windows, but after getting your videos, it didn't seem too hard. When we asked you for a quote, you responded the same day. The windows went in without a hitch (even the 8' slider!), and we managed to get in 7 windows and both doors over two weekends. Thanks for your great service! B.P. - Reno, NV.

I found the video to be very helpful, and found that the task of installing my own windows was nowhere near as intimidating as it seemed. I would have probably ended up paying way too much for replacement windows if i didn't purchase this video. K.B. - Louisville, KY.

Your video is excellent, very easy to understand. I had been interested in doing my window conversion on my own, and your video answered all my questions and told me about things I would not have thought to ask about. I plan to begin switching over to vinyl windows in the near future. Your video was a very worthwhile investment which will more than pay for itself on my first window installation. M.F. - Ukiah, CA.

I was extremely satisfied with your dvd on how to install vinyl replacement windows and sliding doors. I have not installed my windows yet, but I feel totally comfortable after watching the dvd. Thanks for being so thorough and using words that people who aren't contractors can understand. G.B. - Los Angeles, CA.

I think with the help of this video, I will be able to install the windows myself. This will save me about $4000 in labor cost. Thank you for making "how to" materials accessible for beginners. C.M. - Decatur, IL.

I planned to install new dual pane windows on my 70's stucco house, and looked into contractor's bidding on it or doing it myself. Three contractors bid from $9,000 at the lowest to $24,000 at the highest, all for the same type of window. When I got the video, and John goes through this step by step and shows issues you will confront and how to tackle them, I knew I could do it myself. I have bought the windows myself, doing three windows or so a month, out of my own pocket (no home loans required) and I will save over $5,000 from the cheapest quote, and the windows are better quality, and I think I've done as good or a better job than any contractor would. S.H. - Lakeside, CA.

Thanks for the great "how-to" video. I was able to install all my windows and my large sliding Door and save myself about $4,000. After watching the video and completing the first window, the rest were cake. Looking back.... replacing windows isn't necessarily technically complicated, it just takes effort and good instruction, which you provide. S.D. - Livermore, CA.

Your video gave me the confidence to take on the task of installing a 10 foot sliding glass door, a job I was going to have the home store do at a cost of $1500 for the installation. After watching the video I was able to install the door with one other person and it looks awesome. I also appreciate your willingness to personally take my phone calls to answer any questions and help me through the installation. The video is top notch for a home owner/do it yourselfer. Your customer service is excellent and the door that I purchased from you is of high quality. Thank you for saving me money and arming me with the skills and support to get the job done right. D.B. - Sunnyvale, CA.

I purchased the video from you so my husband could watch it as the windows he purchased from our local big box home improvement store did not come with written instructions. Although the style of windows and home we have is different from the windows and home in the video, there was enough information that when my husband finished installing the windows in our home, they easily slide open and shut, there are no cracks or spaces. He even mentioned some of the hints given on the disc that he had not thought of to his friend. Thanks John, you saved us time and money on costly mistakes. B.K. - North Salt Lake, UT.

John, your video was very thorough and left me with no unanswered questions, and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with this project. With the savings of doing the job myself I feel it will actually be affordable to do my whole house. Thanks! R.C. - San Leandro, CA.

After watching the video, my husband and I started by installing one window to make sure things went smoothly. Since then, we've installed 5 more including 3 upstairs. Thanks to John, we've saved over one thousand dollars in labor cost. I would encourage other women to try it as well. K.P. -Poway, CA.

The videos were very helpful and John Rocco was very easy to get hold of, and knowledgeable in answering any questions I had. I had my father help me install the windows and he was so impressed with the price and service that he decided to do the same thing on his house. We completely installed the windows in one weekend and we noticed a huge difference the first night. I highly recommend the videos and windows. M.W. -San Luis Obispo, CA.

Ordered the video after I got a quote of $13,000.00 for 13 windows. Saved about $8000.00. Had a few questions so I emailed John, response time was remarkably quick. Highly recommend the video and working with John. J.D. -Buna, TX.

Your videos are very helpful. I learned so much from your videos and talking with you by the phone that I installed my own windows. When my neighbors and friends saw the windows and the door I installed they were so surprised. I told them your videos gave me confidence to do that and saved a lot of money. Thank you for your great service. B.X. -San Ramon, CA.

John Rocco's video gave me the confidence I needed to install my own replacement windows. My son and I replaced 22 windows in a weekend! Using his measuring techniques, every window I ordered fit perfectly! I saved thousands of dollars doing it myself!!!!! If you are considering installing your own replacement windows, you need this video! J.S. -Perry, KS.

A window replacement salesman came to my house and offered a free estimate to replace my windows. The bill came to over $9,000. I soon learned that I could replace the windows myself for around $3,000. I read books and articles on the internet before watching the videos; however, I learned a lot more watching the videos than I did from the books. John's video explains and educates each step of the way. I gained the confidence to do the job myself, and I followed the steps in the video, saving over $6,000. This video was worth every penny I.H. -Sacramento, CA.

"I found the installation video to be extremely helpful for a first-timer to learn the proper techniques and planning for installing vinyl retrofit windows. My installation of eight windows went smoothly with few surprises." D.E. -Thousand Oaks, CA.

"Everything went in just perfect. Just wanted let you know that I was really satisfied with your windows and I want to thank you for all your help!" L.S. -Orange, CA.

"We knew nothing about installing windows but we wanted to save money, and we saved a bundle. We purchased the video and started emailing & calling John asking questions. The way he came through on the video was exactly the person we dealt with from start to finish and that was an honest straightforward person concerned that you get the job done right. If you are insecure like we were, then there is nothing like hearing the basic stuff spelled out for you. The job took one week, working afternoons, we put in 10 windows and 1 glass sliding door. They all look and work great, with no water leaks. The Ply Gem brand is a very high quality product. V.A. -San Diego, CA.

"The video gave me the confidence to install an entire house full of windows. The first few went slow, but by the end I felt like an expert. It was really nice to be able to go back and review parts of the video as needed." J.W. -Citrus Heights, CA.

"A couple of months ago I purchase the DVD of how to install windows. I have learned so much from your video, I got the confidence to install my own windows and my friend's windows. The information is very helpful." C.K. -Snohomish, WA.

"The videos were great! I put in a sliding glass door and 9 windows with no problem. I was nervous about installing the windows myself, and almost paid a company close to $10,000. I decided to order the videos first. After watching them, I knew I could do it myself.I saved over $4,000 dollars by installing the windows myself. " P.S. -Brea, CA.

"Your video is highly recommended. After watching this video, I know now that I can do something that I thought was once beyond my capabilities, and I plan on installing windows in the near future." R.E. -Slidell, LA.

Thanks for the great help and advice via your DVD, John. We installed five retrofit windows and it went very smoothly. L.T. -Lebanon, OR.

Great DVD, John. While I knew about what I needed, the DVD made it much easier than I expected. G.F. -Northglenn, CO.

The video is just as described on the website; straight forward, helpful and thorough information. Also, it's quite easy to contact John by phone for personalized assistance. R.R. - Las Cruces, NM.

I am fairly mechanically inclined, but lacked the insight and confidence to install my own windows. John's video gave me the information I was looking for. R.B. - Coral Springs, FL.

I found your video very helpful with installing my new retrofit vinyl windows. If I didn't have this video, I would not have been able to do it myself. Thank you for taking the time to show someone how the contractors make so much money on such an easy process. By doing it myself, I probably saved up to $3000 on installation costs. Thanks again. J.K. - Long Beach, CA.

The video on window replacement was a big help to me. Just being able to watch someone do it first made the project go much smoother. After watching the video, we replaced all of our windows in our house with no problems. L.C. - Colorado Springs, CO.

Great video, very helpful, and very much worth the money! A.D. - Monterey, CA.

I found the video very easy to follow, and was able to apply it to the unique challenge I had with the windows in my older home. My doctorate is in education and I was very impressed with your skills at teaching! You should be a teacher. J.H. - Beeville, TX.

After printing everything I could find on installing replacement windows, I also purchased your video and after watching it several times it gave me the confidence to actually go ahead and take my old window out. Putting my new window in went very smoothly and I will save $$ and replace all of my windows myself. S.R. - Salisbury, MD.

Your video was very informative. For a "Do-It-Yourself" person like me it was presented in a very easy format. I plan on replacing all of my windows in my house, and after watching the video I have the confidence I need to do the job. K.G. - San Diego, CA.

The video got me over my initial fear of the project. Come to find out, installing windows is really a piece of cake! Makes me wonder why anyone would hire someone to have it done. R.P. - Clarkston, WA.

I bought both the window and patio door videos with plans to replace my patio door. The video was easy to follow and gave me the confidence to replace my patio door. The removal and installation was simple and very much like the video. The confidence I gained with the door allowed me to use the window video to replace all 13 of my home windows. The videos are well worth their price and the excellent phone support is priceless. The Ply Gem windows are high quality and the customer service is quick and efficient. I would recommend, and have, to interested neighbors, the videos and Ply Gem windows. Thanks again for the fine products and support. D.S. - Alta Loma, CA.

The directions for installing windows were clear, detailed and easy to follow. John offers his personal support several times in the film and instills confidence in his viewers. L.M. - Walnut Creek, CA.

Thank you very much for the windows and the measuring guidance. Your instructional DVD was very helpful and eliminated the "How to" guesswork. All are installed and all is well.. E.G. - Los Angeles, CA.

The windows went in easily and were simple to finish...really nice looking. The neighbor wanted to know about them and I directed him to your website. I've already told at least 25 people about these windows and how much nicer they are than the home depot type. Thanks again John, I expect to order again. D.S. - Grover Beach, CA.

The information you provided more than adequately prepared me to install a dozen windows, half of which are on the second floor. And you responded to any questions I had immediately. The materials are top grade. I couldn't be more pleased. L.W. - Santa Barbara, CA.

The installation went well. Following the steps from your instructional DVD, there were no surprises, I found the whole process straight forward. I was able to install 21 windows in 5 days with help from my wife. The Ply Gem windows work very well. The look of the windows has all the neighbors talking about window replacement. Thanks for your help, you were very easy to work with and very helpful T.S. - Susanville, CA.

The installation went very well. The Ply Gem Windows went in smoothly and with no problems at all! I had a number of people already comment on them and how good they look; even my wife was quite surprised! I am very pleased with the results and looks and expect that this will make a big difference once winter hits. Thanks again for your excellent video which gave me the information to be able to do this properly and for the excellent quality of the Ply Gem Windows. G.T. - Soda Springs, CA.

I was hesitant to take on this window project because it seemed like it might be too big for me to handle. But, after reading the information on your website, I took a chance and bought the window & door video. I followed it step by step and, with my father's help, we installed 7 windows and 2 patio doors in two weekends. A couple of neighbors had the retrofit windows done last year and our Ply Gem windows with the brick molding look so much nicer than theirs! C.E. - Tustin, CA.

Thank you for the windows. My wife and I installed them in a week. I am very pleased, they look awesome. Y.S. - San Diego, CA.

John provided me with excellent support before and after purchase, and the Ply Gem product quality exceeds that of others in their price range; highly recommended. E.S. - Sun Valley, CA.

I finished installing the windows and sliding door that I purchased. The installation went great and I had no problems. If a person is thinking of doing the job themselves, the first thing they should purchase is the Video. It shows them what they are in for and how easy it is. The only must have power tool needed is a drill. I am 72 years old, so it took me a little longer to do the job, as I am only good for about 4 hours. You will also need a strong helper to help lift the sliding door. Other than that, it Was a piece of cake. Thanks for your help. T.S. - Glendora, CA.

I got my Dad's help and we did the whole house (18 windows).Saved at least $5,000. Thanks again for the help, M.W. - Highlands Ranch, CO.

Installation went very smooth. VERY HAPPY with quality of windows and would recommend them to anybody and have recommended to neighbors and friends. Your instructions on the video and website were very helpful and appreciated. You also answered several of my questions via e-mail. I calculated I saved $1500.00 by going thru your web site compared to buying milgard brand locally. D.D. - Visalia, CA.

The video is great and tells you everything you need to know. John Rocco was available for any questions that I had throughout the project. I was able to confidently measure and install all of my windows and make sure that it was all done correctly. I saved well over $5,000 by doing this project myself. I would recommend the video and project to anyone interested in installing dual paned vinyl windows. J.M. - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

The video was extremely helpful in how to remove the old windows. The installation went as smooth as the one in the video - even with novices doing it. The Ply Gem windows are much better looking than anything I could find at the local Big Box store. The installation could not have gone smoother. I would not hesitate to go with the Ply Gem brand again in the future and the service I received from John's Windows was superb. An all around pleasant experience. A.H. -Rancho Cordova, CA.

The entire process, from measuring to trimming, was remarkably simple. I had ordered John's DVD at the outset & never regretted it. I felt like he was watching over my shoulder each step of the way. The Ply Gem windows arrived as specified, on schedule, and are first-rate in both appearance and operation. I couldn't be more satisfied. R.S. -San Marcos, CA.

Replacing an aluminum frame window with a Ply Gem vinyl retrofit frame really is as easy as the video shows! I did the first one in 2 hours, which included a trip to the hardware store! M.S. -Davis, CA.

The quality of the Ply Gem windows is good and they offer good sound insulation. It was easy to install the windows and the window frame 3/4" brick molding extrusion gives a clean and solid finish." J.M. -San Diego, CA.

The instructional DVD really took the guess work out of the installation, and the quality of the Ply Gem windows is really superb. J.J. -Glendora, CA.

I just finished installing the last of eight windows. They look great. Thanks for you site, I knew there had to be an easier way to replace windows. D.R. -Riverside, CA.

I purchased three Ply Gem windows earlier this year. I received them promptly and installed them just after the March rains. These windows are easy to install and they work incredibly well! They are extremely well made and the quality really shows! I have friends that had their windows replaced by other companies using other brands. All of my friend's windows don't look nearly as well built or attractive as the Ply Gem windows. I have plenty more windows to replace and will be purchasing more of them soon. Thanks John for all your expert help! M.P. -Richmond, CA.

The video gave me the confidence to try replacing a window myself. Everything I saw while removing the window I already saw in your video. I was even telling my wife how easy it was to do. D.F. -Columbia, SC.

I used the videos to install several windows and a sliding door. The installation went surprisingly smoothly. J.P. -San Jose, CA.

John, I was not a rookie when I bought your video, and it was helpful and did assist me in replacing my windows. I truly recommend your videos to the general public and to my friends and relatives whom I have assisted in their installation. Thanks again, my money was well spent. G.F. -Northglenn, CO.

Thanks a bunch. I saved over 2000.00 in labor. I installed 20 windows myself! S.M. -Corrales, NM.

The video was very helpful. We installed all the windows in our house with your help. The ability to ask you any questions during the installation was great. Thank you so much. B.C. -Jamestown, MO.

I did install new windows after watching the video. I had no idea how easy it really could be. We've done 6 windows so far and have another 14 to go, but I will definitely be doing ALL of them myself, thanks to you and your video! W.L. -Angier, NC.

John, the video was a great help. Since you had such detail in it, I was able to use it as a confidence booster and ended up replacing 4 windows in my house this past summer. If I didn't have your video, I would not have had the self-confidence to do it. You really took the smoke and mirrors out of window replacement. J.R. -Pittsboro, NC.

I purchased both the installation video and Ply Gem windows from John Rocco. At first I was a little hesitant buying these items on the Internet, but after a quick phone call to John, all my concerns went away. John is very knowledgeable, patient and has tons of useful information. Delivery was on time (a rarity in these days) windows were in perfect condition as specified, and invoicing was on the money. I found the video to be very helpful and easy to understand. I recommend John's products to anyone. J.E. -West Covina, CA.

I am very happy with the instructional video. It gave me the confidence I needed to install my windows myself. It's straight forward with easy instructions that anyone can follow. A.L. -Garden Grove, CA.

I used your DVD to install four Ply Gem windows I purchased through you. Everything went very well. I watched the video four times before I started installing and I breezed right through the installation. G.G. -San Diego, CA.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to install the windows after watching the video. My wife and I installed all the windows in our house in no time. The windows themselves look great and keep the noise and heat out. I couldn't be happier with the product. If your thinking of doing it yourself I would highly recommend this product. D.M. -Mission Viejo, CA.

I think your window installation instruction video was very helpful. It gave me the confidence I needed to go ahead with my window installation job. G.K. -Laguna Beach, CA.

I was so impressed with your service, the quality of the windows and your openness to explain the ease of installing the windows. With the help of your video, I was able to install the windows within a matter of a couple of hours. The new Ply Gem vinyl windows are awesome! With all that said, I will most definitely be getting more windows and I will only go through John's Window & Door for them. J.R. -Oceanside, CA.

I have always considered myself pretty good at household remodeling tasks but had never even considered doing replacement vinyl windows myself...that is, until I watched John's DVD's on how to do it yourself. The instructional DVD's are very comprehensive and easy to follow and certainly take all of the perceived "black magic" out of the task. Why pay a contractor for something that, with a little common sense, you can do yourself. P.R. -Castaic, CA.

John's videos supplied me with the necessary information to measure and install my new vinyl windows for a fraction of the cost had I hired a company. I would recommend it to anybody looking to install replacement windows in the future. J.P. -Middleburg Heights, OH.

I purchased 9 new windows and 2 Sliding Doors from John's Windows. I chose the optional brick molding fin. Everyone who's seen the windows and doors love them. They're beautiful! I had never replaced windows before so I purchased John's series of Installation Videos. The videos are very easy to understand and made replacing the windows and doors easy! John was very responsive to answer any, and all, questions that I had during the planning, choosing, ordering, and even the installation phases of the job. Imagine someone who actually answers the phone or returns your call, in a timely manner! I would highly recommend John, his installation videos, and the product he sells! D.D. -Riverside, CA.

I am glad I found the website. The DIY videos I ordered are well worth the cost - great investment. The 7 windows & patio door I purchased are beautiful/well constructed and better than the ones being sold at a nearby home depot. I am retired in my 70s and have no experience in carpentry. But after viewing your video, I was able to install the new ones in 10 hrs. I saved $3100 in labor costs. F.G. -San Jose, CA.

John, just wanted to say great job!! I purchased your videos in the spring and installed all new windows this summer. The wife loves them and thinks I'm a God!!! With the money I saved on installation I was able to upgrade to a better quality window and add a few new tools to the garage. Keep up the great work!! F.C. -Newport News, VA.

John, I wanted to let you know that my window order arrived as promised, and the installation went very smoothly. I was the person with "combed shake" siding. I elected to trim the shakes back so I could recess the windows in tightly to the aluminum frames. It worked beautifully, as did the inside trim strips. Thank you again for your helpful video and phone instructions, and for the great service and product. We are delighted. P.W. -Carmichael, Ca.